Setup VM for DB2

Every DBA must have a VM to play around, it can be either a VM in public cloud like AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud etc. or you can build your own VM on your system. If you have a system with processor which supports virtualization and 8 GB of memory you should be fine with creating VMs. You can do it with 4 or 6 GB of memory but then you might observe slowness on your VM as well as on your system.

For creating VM you can use Oracle Virtual Box or  VMware Workstation Player which is freeware.

In this post we will see how to Setup VM for DB2 using Oracle Virtual Box on a Windows 10 system. Below steps can be used to setup VM for other purpose as well not necessarily for DB2.

Step1: Download Oracle Virtual Box

You can download Oracle Virtual Box from  Download Oracle Virtual Box

Step2: Install Oracle Virtual Box

Run setup file to get below screen

Oracle Virtual Box Installation welcome screen

Click on Next > button

Oracle Virtual Box Installation Screen

You can change installation directory by clicking on Browse button.

Click on Next >

Oracle Virtual Box Installation Screen

If you would like to have Start menu entries, Shortcut on Desktop, Quick Launch icon you can check Create start menu entries , Create a shortcut on the desktop, Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar respectively.

You can keep Register file association as checked.

Click on Next > button

Oracle Virtual Box Installation Screen

You will get a warning message as above indicating your network might temporarily disconnect, if you are actively using your network like downloading or uploading or connected to your system by taking RDP it will disconnect.

Click on Yes button to proceed.

Oracle Virtual Box Installation Screen

Click on Install button to install Oracle Virtual Box

Oracle Virtual Box Installation Screen

Once installation completes you will get above screen. Keep Start Oracle VM VirtaulBox option checked.

Click on Finish button to complete installation. It will launch Oracle VM VirtaulBox.

Step3: Create a VM in Oracle VirtaulBox