DB2 11.1 GUI Installation on Linux

DB2 11.1 can be install using GUI on Linux server. In this blog we will see how to install DB2 11.1 using GUI on linux server. For DB2 system requirement, prerequisite and pre-installation steps check blog DB2 11.1 Installation on Linux

Check blog Setup X11 Forwarding to access GUI in Linux to configure X11 forwarding to access GUI.

Once you have configured X11 forwarding and pre-installation steps completed for DB2 installation then change your working directory to directory where you have extracted DB2 product.

Execute db2setup 

If your X11 forwarding is configured correctly you will get below screen

Click on New Install to install DB2 and Work with Existing if you want to modify existing installation or create new instance.

In this screen you can select installation type, Typical is to perform installation with default features, if you want to custom select features you can choose Custom and select required features. I would suggest if you are not aware of what features to select go with Typical installation.

You can also change installation Directory either by typing installation path or browse for installation directory by clicking on ... button

Once you click on ... button a browse screen will open in which you can select installation directory

After selecting installation directory you can check Create an Instance. (Needed to store data.) to create instance as part of DB2 installation. If you are not planning to create Instance you can uncheck it.

Check I agree to the IBM terms. to accept license agreement and continue with installation.

Click on Next

If you want to create a new user for your instance select New User and fill new user detail. If you want to use existing user select Existing user and update username.

Click on Next

If you want to create a new user for Fenced id select New User and fill new user detail. If you want to use existing user select Existing user and update username. This user can be same as Instance user but it is not recommended to use Instance user as Fenced user.

Click on Next

You can update response file name and path by updating Response file name field or browse for new location by clicking on ... button.

Click on View Full Summary to select installation, it will open new window with installation summary.

Click on Finish to install DB2.

Once installation completes you will get below screen. You can check installation logs by clicking on Log file button.

Click on Finish to close installation wizard. It will also start your newly created instance if you have opted to create instance as part of installation.

You can verify yours instance status by executing below command on your putty session.

ps -ef | grep db2sysc

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