SQL10007N Message "-1390" could not be retrieved. Reason code: "3"

When working with remote databases you might receive error SQL10007N Message "-1390" could not be retrieved.  Reason code: "3". You might receive SQL10007 Reason Code 3 in  your application as well. IBM documentation list below explanation for this error

SQL10007N Message "<msgno>" could not be retrieved. Reason code: "<code>".


The requested message <msgno> could not be retrieved from the message file. Reason code <code> is one of the following:


DB2 Native Encryption protects your DB2 database against threat at rest but this does not secure your data at transit. Even though your database is encrypt but malicious user can tap communication between your database and clients to view and modify data in transit. To secure your database at transit you can configure SSL communication between your application and database server, so that all communication goes through secure tunnel. DB2 support TLS version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. TLS 1.2 is not enabled by default. You can configure DB2 to support only TLS 1.2 or all of them i.e. TLS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0. In this blog we will go through steps to configure DB2 SSL on DB2 server as well as on DB2 client. If you are interested to know about DB2 Native Encryption feature check blog DB2 Native Encryption, check blog Encrypt DB2 Database for steps to configure DB2 Native Encryption.

How to Encrypt DB2 Database

In blog DB2 Native Encryption we went through introduction to DB2 Native Encryption, license requirement, Data Encryption and Master Key, different Keystore supported by DB2, operation for which Keystore is access and performance impact of encrypting database. In this blog we will see step by step process to enable DB2 Native Encryption and Encrypt DB2 database.

How to Encrypt DB2 Database?

Step1: Planning

Before implementing DB2 Native Encryption and encrypting your database you should determine Keystore type i.e. Local KeyStore or Centralized KeyStore. Benchmark your database performance to determine variance in performance after enabling encryption. 

Your DB2 version should be DB2 10.5 FP 5 or above to support DB2 Native Encryption. If you are on DB2 10.5, depending on your DB2 edition you would need additional license of IBM DB2 Encryption Offering to use DB2 Native Encryption. From DB2 11.1 DB2 Native Encryption is available in all Db2 edition.

In this blog we will encrypt DB2 Database using Local Keystore

Check blog Encrypt DB2 Database using Centralized KeyStore for step by step process to enable DB2 Native Encryption using Centralized KeyStore