db2idrop issue : The specified instance does not exist

You might come across scenario where db2ilist return DB2 instance name but that instance does not exist. Such situation might arise due to failed db2idrop, sqllib directory missing in DB2 instance user home directory or someone messed up with your instance home directory.


Check instance user home directory for sqllib, you would find sqllib is missing

If you plan to get rid of such zombie instance by dropping it you might get below error

The specified instance "db2i3" does not exist. Specify an existing instance name.

This is caused due to zombie DB2 instance in DB2 global registry. To check DB2 global registry you need to run db2greg command with root privileges

db2greg -dump 

To remove zombie DB2 instance entry from DB2 global registry execute below command with root privilege. Once db2greg completes execute db2ilist to verify instance list. You would not find zombie instance in db2ilist output.

db2greg -delinstrec instancename=<instanceid>

Once zombie DB2 instance entry got removed from DB2 global registry, you can execute db2idrop to remove your db2 instance.

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