How do you raise a case with IBM support?

As a DB2 DBA or as a matter of fact if you are using any IBM product irrespective of hardware or software you might be in a situation where you might need support from IBM experts. To get IBM expert support you need to create SR (Service Request) with IBM , formerly known as PMR (Problem Management Report). In this blog we will go through steps to create IBM ID, add customer ID to your IBM id and finally create/view and update SR.

URLs to create IBM SR:

There is separate portal to create/view/update Hardware and Software SRs. You can use below URL to navigate to IBM SR portal.

Hardware SRs:

Software SRs :

These URLs are valid as on date of publication of this blog, I will try my best to keep it updated with latest URL but in case it doesn't work, feel free to reach out to me to inform about it or put a comment below.

Tablespace Management in DB2

Tablespace is logical collection of containers which contains actual data of database. In DB2 LUW there is 3 types of tablespace SMS (System Managed Spaces), DMS (Database Managed Spaces) and Automatic Storage. In this blog we will go through different tablespace management operation and behavior of SMS, DMS and Automatic Storage for those operations.

DB2 Tablespace Type

In this blog, we will go through different tablespace operations applicable for tablespaces using File or path based containers.

Create SAMPLE database in DB2

In this blog we will go though steps to create sample database. You might need SAMPLE database with tables, views, index, function, procedure and dummy data to conduct POC or for testing, learning purpose. You will need a DB2 instance to create SAMPLE database. Check blog How to create DB2 Instance on Linux for instructions to create DB2 instance and start it.

Prerequisite :

To create SAMPLE database you need a DB2 instance, also you should have SYSADM or SYSCTRL authorities for that instance.