Automatically Restart DB2 using Fault Monitor

We can automate auto restart of DB2 instance post DB2 instance failure or server restart in standalone setup using DB2 Fault monitor. In this blog we will go through steps to Enable Fault Monitor.

Fault Monitor will help to restart DB2 instance if DB2 instance goes down due to any reason except for instance been stopped due to db2stop command.

Fault monitor must be enabled only on standalone system and not on system where you have cluster services enables like TSA, HACMP, Pacemaker etc.

Note: Post DB2 fixpack upgrade, Instance upgrade or after applying Special build, you need to reconfigure DB2 Fault monitor, otherwise fault monitor will not work.

Steps to Enable Fault Monitor

1. Enable auto start of Instance

Run below command to enable auto start of db2 instance after server restart.

db2iauto -on <instanceid>