db2_deinstall error : DBI20081E The installer detected that there is not enough free disk space

During DB2 client uninstall you can encounter error DBI20081E  The installer detected that there is not enough free disk space in "/tmp". Free space detected in "/tmp" is: "1811268" (measured in kilobytes). Space needed is: "2000000" (measured in kilobytes).  If free size in /tmp is less than 2000000 KB you will hit this error even though /tmp space requirement is only 512 MB for non pureScale environment as per IBM Knowledge Center. I successfully reproduced this issue with DB2 11.1 FP 2b and 11.5.4 client.

db2_deinstall error : DBI20081E

To fix this I updated DB2TMPDIR=/tmp to DB2TMPDIR=/tmp1 in db2_deinstall script, where /tmp1 is a directory in / FS which has more than 2 GB of space. Ensure you give 777 permission on /tmp1 directory otherwise you will get error DBI20043E  DB2 failed to install because of restrictive permission settings on the temporary directory, "/tmp1/.

Update db2_deinstall script

After updating db2_deinstall script, I was still getting same error, even though now db2_deinstall is referring to /tmp1 directory as temp directory. db2_deinstall script created temporary files as well in /tmp1 directory.

db2_deinstall error : DBI20081E

I updated DB2TMPDIR=/tmp1 environment variable and then run db2_deinstall script which fixed the issue.

export DB2TMPDIR=/tmp1


Warning message is for TSAMP removal, since it was not installed during uninstall we got warning message which is fine. You can find this warning message in DB2 uninstallation log file which will be displayed at the db2_deinstall script output. In my case it was /tmp1/db2_deinstall.log.65542.

I am not sure why DBI20081E was generated and which script generated it, since we have modified db2_deinstall script to use /tmp1 as temp file system. I will check with PMR support and update this blog with finding.

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