What's new with Db2 11.5.7

I am excited to share that IBM released the much awaited Db2 release. In this release, IBM is delivering multiple new features that will help us build new use-cases and exciting new enhancements that could help us bring down the cost of our data management. In this blog we will go through new enhancement in DB2 V11.5.7.0. 

Download link : https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6524304

Highlights of Db2 11.5.7

Improved database resilience through Control file Mirroring
    Starting DB2 11.5.7 we can mirror database control file. In case Primary control files gets deleted or corrupted or become inaccessible due to any reason, mirror control file can be used to bring system up. Mirroring of control file can be configured using new DB parameter ctrl_file_recov_path. This parameter to come in effect, database must be deactivated and activated.

Remote Storage Improvement

     Starting DB2 11.5.7 remote object storage communication will be done using vendor specific COS SDK instead of legacy libcurl method, this will help to overcome limitation of max file size and also eliminates staging files locally on DB server.

Remote Storage Support for Log archival

    Starting DB2 11.5.7, we can configure database to archive log to remote storage such as IBM Cloud Object Storage or Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). This can be done by updating LOGARCHMETH1 or LOGARCHMETH2 with value "DB2REMOTE:<REMOTE STORAGE LOCATION ALIAS"

Database administration enhancements in 11.5.7

ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure enhancement
    ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE can be used with table having an index with expression based key.

High availability enhancements in 11.5.7

PACEMAKER Support for PPCLE platform
    Starting DB2 11.5.7, autoamted HADR failover is supported on PPCLE platform for RHEL 8.2 and SLES 15 SP3.

PACEMAKER Software Update
    In DB2 11.5.7, pacemaker version got upgraded to 2.0.5 and crmsh got updated to 4.3.1.

Backup and restore enhancements in 11.5.7

Support fo ZLIB compression for backup and log file
    DB2 11.5.7 supports ZLIB compression for database backup and log file on Power9 and z15 system.

SQL enhancements in 11.5.7
RENAME Table statement enhancement
    RENAME table can be used to rename table with an index with expression based key.

For more details on DB2 11.5.7 refer IBM official document DB2 11.5.7

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